FourbyTwo is the first initiative of its kind to support and invest in Jewish founders across the globe.

What's with The Name?

'Four by Two' is a rhyming slang for 'Jew' which was coined by London's Jewish black cab drivers in the 70s. It is also the only non-derogatory English slang term in existence that can be applied collectively to all Jews.


FourbyTwo (formely known as JewsOnDeck) bridges talent, geography and investment to ensure that Jewish founders have an optimal launchpad for success.

FourbyTwo will operate initially in 11 cities across UK, Israel and US where we will provide meetups for entrepreneurs to find their co-founder.

We will then help accelerate their startup idea by providing a drop-in program, community and fund that will invest in startups that participate at regional demo day events.


FourbyTwo will be the first 'People of Faith' fund and program to be launched globally that focuses on Jews and Jews of Colour.


The £10m first fund will invest in bold tech ideas of Jewish founders that change or re-define the world we live in.

The fund will invest in 'white space' businesses - that create new categories, open up new markets or introduce a disruptive technologies. The fund will also invest in businesses that fill a gap in an existing market


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